range rules, safety & protocol

When you arrive at Josephine County Sportsman Park you are required to "sign" in at the main office, which is located in the club house.  If you are not a member of Josephine County Sportsman Association you will need to pay your day use Fee of $7/person (shooting).  You can also purchase a “Park Access” Card for $45 that will allow you 10 one day guest visits.

The Trap & Skeet machines are token operated. You can purchase your tokens at the office.  One token will allow you to shoot 25 targets.  The token machine will show 26 targets. The extra target is for the occasional broken bird. The cost  of the tokens is $3/Token for Skeet & Trap Club members and $4/Token for Trap & Skeet Club non-members.

These Safety Rules Must Be Followed at all Times when on the Course:

1. Guns are to remain unloaded at all times until you are on the shooting station
2. Load a maximum of only 2 shells at a time
3. When off the station the breech of the gun must be open
4. All shooters must wear eye and ear protection
5. Shot size is limited from 9 to 7 1/2 shot with low base shell only. NOTHING LARGER (shot sized 4, 5 & 6 are not allowed)
6. Pick up your empty hulls and trash (trash cans are available at each station)
7. If there is a problem with the machines DO NOT attempt to fix it. Tell the Range Managers
8. Shooters only inside the field fence
9. When you have finished:
      Turn off the machines
      Discharge the machine by momentarily holding down the ON switch
      Fill the machines with targets from the boxes
     Close the Skeet House windows
      Disconnect and roll up the cord
      If the light is on in the skeet house leave it on (winter time only)
the token machine by pressing the red button on the bottom of the box

range Schedule

Always sign-in at the main Club House Office when you arrive at JCSA Park. Trap and Skeet Fields are open 7 days a week (362 days/year) from 8am to 1 hour before sunset. Please refer to the Park Hours Board posted on the entrance of the Club House Door. Five Stand is available by appointment or on a scheduled Club Day. To arrange use of the Five Stand Field please contact: Norm Grenell