our members

JCSA Trap & Skeet has a small but very active membership.

We encourage all shooters who come to JCSA Trap & Skeet to join our club. Typically our membership consists of 60 to 80 members. Despite the fact that we have a very active membership we don't expect that you do anything except pay your annual dues. If your want to be more involved we welcome your participation in all of the club activities.

Membership Advantages

  • $3/Round Trap & Skeet
  • $4/Round 5-Stand
  • Discount Shooting Components
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • E-mail Notice of Club Events
  • Invitation to Registered Events
  • League Shoots & Clinics

As a JCSA Trap & Skeet member you receive a discount on your shooting rates. You will have access to our Component Sales Room to purchase Shotgun components at a discounted rate. In addition, you will also receive important e-mails regarding club activities. The club also, does an monthly newsletter which is posted on the website and also e-mail to the members.

New Board of Directors Elected for 2017

Our Club President & Treasurer

Steve Forshay, JCSA Trap & Skeet Club President 2016 541-621-3890

John Pullen, JCSA Trap & Skeet Club Treasurer 2016


General Membership Meetings

are held once a year in November (Meeting date to be announced). Meeting are run by a standard meetings protocol. Board Members are elected by the General Membership on annual basis. Our Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 additional Directors. The Annual General Meeting is held at the Josephine County Sportsman Park in the Class Room. The meeting usually takes about an hour or two hour. Only Club members are allowed to vote. Interested non-members are welcome to attend.

to become a JCSA trap & skeet club member

All you need to do is fill out the application and send us a check

Below you will find a combined Membership Application. The form is an for both the Trap & Skeet Club and JCSA. The form can be filled out with your computers keyboard. If you want to join just the Trap & Skeet Club, just fill out that portion of the application. When you have finished filling out the form simply print it out and enclose your check for the dues. Mailing instruction are on the bottom of the form. Sorry, but we don't take credit cards or e-mail application.

Annual Membership fees

  • $20 Single Membership
  • $25 Family Membership

Membership Application

Josephine County sportsman Association Membership

JCSA Member Advantages

On the link above you will find a combined membership application. The form contains application for both the JCSA Skeet & Trap Club and for the Josephine County Sportsman Association.

The advantages of being a member of both clubs is that you won't have to pay the JCSA daily park fee of $7/person. In, addition, you will have access to all of the JCSA ranges and facilities. If you do more than just shotgun sports this is a real advantage.

Annual Membership fees

  • $75 Single Membership New
  • $65 Single Membership ReNew
  • $90 Family Membership New
  • $80 Family Membership ReNew
  • $25 Junior Membership
  • $10 New Membership fee